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Why Choose Us?

Legend specializes in leasing and managing residential properties.

  1. Accurate assessment of the present rental value of your property, taking into account market demand and conditions.
  2. Access to our extensive asset management portfolio of residential, commercial and body corporate properties. (Properties from both onshore and offshore owners).
  3. Full management services are provided - including tenant selection, rent reviews, lease documentation, condition reports, property inspections, and arrangement for repairs, preparation of owner's monthly statements and disbursement of rental income to the owners.
  4. Close attention to property appreciation in respect to maximizing returns.
  5. Written guarantee of services provided
  6. Competitive management fees.

Maximising Your Rent

Better Tenants - The Best Possible Rents - Fewer Vacancies We have a superior tenant screening process. With our expertise we are able to recognise rent jumping tenants that don't respect rental properties, and won't let them anywhere near your property.
land-y-resi We're proud of our extremely low vacancy rate. You don't want your property sitting empty - our occupancy rate clearly indicates that we can deliver a reliable return on your investment property.
We negotiate longer leases. Our longer leases mean our tenants stay longer, and we are careful to avoid leases ending in slower periods of the year for example winter months May - July and festive periods December - January.
Getting The Best Tenant: We use specialist Leasing Consultants who don't spend time chasing arrears or arranging repairs. We let our specialists do their job while we do ours: working all day, every day to find the right tenant for your property.
Your property must be marketed properly and extensively to ensure the widest possible exposure to attract a quality tenant.

The following methods have proven successful for us:

Website: We have our own user friendly website on which we place all our properties for rental.
Signboards: Our attractive signboards guarantee a lot of enquiry. Wherever possible we use a signboard on properties that are coming up for rental.
Open houses and Private appointments:Every Saturday we conduct 'Open Houses' for properties available for rent. We also encourage private appointments so that we are able to qualify the prospective tenants.

Tenant Selection:


Successful property management begins with the careful screening of applicants and we conduct all inspections directly, that begins with an initial assessment conducted at their inspection.
land-y-resi Legend subscribes 1form application management system for residential tenancy applications.
1form is a streamlined tenancy application management system that caters to the needs of rental applicants and property managers alike. The 1form solution allows to manage tenancy applications at a glance in a secure online account and apply for rental properties with just one form.
Currently, 1form is the primary method of tenancy application for Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to create efficiency throughout the rental process and exceed the requirements of all stakeholder streams within the rental system. We apply stringent criteria to the review of all applications.
Applications are checked thoroughly and incorporate a combination of checks such as employers, referees and rental history.

Rent disbursement:

Our property owners receive a detailed monthly statement at the end of each month showing all rental incomes and disbursements. Statements will be sent to your email. Funds are electronically transferred to your nominated account prior to the end of each month.


Legend dedicated property inspectors are qualified and equipped to conduct inspections of all types of residential properties.
land-y-resi Three types of inspections are carried out to minimise any problems that may arise during the tenancy of a property and the inspections are recorded electronically through the latest software.
Condition Report: This is completed prior to the commencement of the tenancy. This report is a legal requirement, constitutes Part 2 of the Tenancy Agreement, is relied upon for refunds of residential bonds and must be accurate. The tenant is given a copy for their reference and digital photos are also used in conjunction with the report for future reference.
Routine Inspections: A maximum of 4 can be carried out per year, tenants will be be given 7 days notice in writing before the inspection is carried out. The purpose of this report is to see how the tenant is keeping the property, undertake an analysis of the current rent being paid and report back to the property owners on any repairs or maintenance that may be required. We undertake routine inspections three months after a new tenant has moved in, then every six months thereafter.
Final or Bond Inspection: This is carried out once the tenant has vacated the property. The Residential Premises Condition Report is taken to the property and the current condition of the property is compared to this original report. Allowances are made for reasonable wear and tear to the premises. If the tenant has damaged the property eg there is red wine stain on the carpet; you can charge the tenant a reasonable amount of compensation after taking into consideration depreciation and the size of the stain. If the tenant disputes this amount, we can claim it from the tenant's bond. If the tenant again disputes the claim, we will need to meet the tenant at the Consumer, Trader and Tenancies Tribunal to have the matter heard and decided upon before a Tribunal member.

Repairs and Maintenance


Rental agreement will allow us to spend on your behalf an amount for repairs and maintenance of your property, in saying that, our repair policy is to contact you prior to arranging any such works.
Major repairs are discussed with you at all times. Quotes are obtained to ensure the correct work is being carried out, by the best tradesperson, at the best fee.
Not every repair must be attended to by the landlord, however urgent repairs outlined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement, such as burst sewers or hot water services, must be acted upon regardless of whether we have been able to reach you. You may view our list of the qualified tradespeople we use or you may nominate your own tradesperson if you have a friend, family member or a regular tradesperson that you have confidence in.

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