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During Your Tenancy

Routine Inspections and Photos

We will conduct a routine inspection at the property three months into your tenancy and then approximately every 6 months thereafter.

The main purpose is to provide a report to the owner that you are maintaining the property, and also to check if any repairs or maintenance needs to be carried out. Please see a detailed list of what we look for at these inspections in your Doyle Spillane Tenancy Handbook.

Rental Payments

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving services to our tenants Legend will organise direct debit payment system for rental payments.

For your convenience, both the phone and internet payment options allow you to schedule recurring weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly rental payments in advance. So you can set and forget your rental payments.

We strongly suggest you to have the direct debit setup for rental payments. This will give a piece of mind that you have paid on time, avoid rental due alerts/messages and other inconvenience. Download the copy of the direct debit form and send it to us.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rentals

Rent is payable in advance. Your account must be maintained in advance at all times. If for some reason your account falls into arrears, we are left with no alternative but to take action, which will be unpleasant for both of us. We trust we are never placed in this position.

If you are having difficulty in paying your rent ALWAYS CONTACT US to discuss your problems.

See our follow up procedure for late rent payments:

  1. 3 days in arrears we phone, or e-mail you advising of arrears 7 days in arrears you receive a formal letter from us 11 days you will receive either a further e-mail, a phone call or a personal visit 15 days in arrears, Termination Notice is automatically forwarded.
  2. If you do not comply with the Termination Notice we apply to the Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal to have the matter heard and enforced.
  3. As part of our procedure every time one of the above steps is carried out, it is noted through our action/conversation diary which will remain on your tenancy history.
  4. Understanding Calendar Monthly Payments
  5. You will be required to pay rent in advance from the first day of your tenancy. Commonly payroll payments are generated monthly or fortnightly and they should coincide with your rental payment sequence.
  6. How is the calendar monthly rent calculated?
  7. Rent = $400.per week divide weekly rent by 7 days to get a daily rent = $57.14 per day x by 365 days in the year = $20,856.10 divide by 12 monthly payments = $1738.10